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      Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters (Complete In One Volume)
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      Fox's Book of Martyrs
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    “See to it no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ” (Colossians 2:8).

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    No Comment (Part 1 of 3)

    “[Ideas] can be, and have been, as dangerous and harmful as deadly diseases…this should not come as a shock, expect to those who don’t believe that ideas have consequences…Common sense and a little logic tell us that if ideas have consequences, then it follows that bad ideas have bad consequences. And even more obvious, if bad ideas are written down in books, they are far more durable, infecting generation after generation and increasing the world’s wretchedness” (“The Ten Books That Screwed Up the World”, B. Wiker, p. 1-2).



    You can’t comment unless you’ve read it/seen it/experienced it/heard it/saw it, etc. etc. Ah, Utilitarianism at its finest.


    (Maybe this is why God has seen fit to have me go through (what seems to me) a lifetime’s worth of “experiences” in the past 10 years? To better “equip” me in “ministry” to my peers?)


    If I have not experienced something, be it a book, TV show, film, song, or life experience, that alone apparently makes me unqualified to have an opinion or speak on it. This presents an interesting conundrum, for if, for example, I have never experienced hiring or being a prostitute, am I then unqualified for having an opinion on it? If I have never committed murder (or been murdered), does that make me unqualified to condemn it?


    Now…SOME things do need to be experienced to have an opinion on. I would not know if I did not like my coffee black (I don’t), if I never tried it that way. I would not know if the color blue would not look good on me unless I wore it. But these are matters strictly of taste.


    Morals are a different matter entirely. It does matter here if my opinion is thievery is OK, but yours is not. Which leads to the question of how to judge something as right or wrong in light of two very different opinions (both of which, consequently have “experienced” thievery)?


    Subject matter such as books, songs, etc. are an interesting paradox. On one hand they are certainly a matter of taste. On the other hand, they advance ideas which may or may not be moral.


    It cannot be argued either, that matters of taste have no effect outside of pleasure. The colors on our walls have been proven to affect our moods and even appetites. Drinking too much coffee has proven to have negative side effects, as has too much sugar in the diet. Our matters of taste spill over to result in positive or negative physical, mental, and emotional side effects.  

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