Moving Announcement
Friday, August 22, 2014 at 2:12AM
A Christian in moving blog

Dear Readers, 


Thank you all so much for a wonderful run. It has been 4 years since I began this blog. It has served its purpose, and served it well. 

You may have noticed that I have not written since last year. That is because I have been experimenting with another blog:

I never meant to neglect this blog, but it has become one blog too many. After months of trying to decide, I came to the conclusion to close this one down. I have finally conquored some of my fears of being known (if you didn't notice, this blog has been purposefully kept anonymous); my foot is in the door, and light is shining in. I will be gradually moving many, but not all of these posts over to the WordPress blog, and I hope you will join me there as I begin this new phase and adventure in writing.

I have books in the works, new ideas to explore, and subjects to learn about and teach! I am excited about this new platform to expand on. God bless you on your journies, and I hope to see you over at my new online "home". 


A Christian/L.Lawrence 

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